About Us

Here at Ink Monkeys, we take pride in our work. We try to give great quality with great turn around time.

The 3 of us come from a large, close, creative extended family. That's a mouth full. Andrew, Mike and I are first cousins, but in many ways we feel more like brothers. We have been around each other all our lives. English Settlement Road, Taymouth, NB Canada is where our Grammie and Grampy Greene lived on a little farm. My Dad, Andrew's Mom and Mike's Mom are siblings. Every long weekend in August we celebrate "Cousin's Weekend" which started in early 90s and continues to this day. It started with all the cousins getting together from all over the country but now includes Aunt's and Uncles and the next generation. It's a great time with lots of laughs and playing guitars and singing by the fire. As I said, we are a close family. 

Everyone in the family is creative in one way or another from drawing, painting, photography, design, singing, playing instruments and so on. So it's not surprising that Andrew, Mike and I are all Graphic Designers and have been involved in the industry for years. Andrew came to Mike and I in 2015 about starting what would become Ink Monkeys. He felt with all 3 of us, we would offer the area something it was missing, great design with great quality for screen printing and embroidery but also create our own lines of clothing/branding. Starting a new company always sounds easier than it is. We started out of Andrew's garage in Durham Bridge but as of 2017, we moved to Main Street on the North Side, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Business is really starting to pick up, we recently celebrated our 2nd year and everyday seems to be step forward to that initial dream.

While continuing our quality with Screen Printing and Embroidery, our Online store is now LIVE with our own brands from Ink Monkeys, Hockey Mom, Nashwaak River Rags to Hometown Shinny with more to come. 

Last but not least, a huge shout out to all our customers!! Obviously without you, we couldn't continue on this great journey!